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The Most Common Techniques for Snow Removal

Snow Shovelling

The most basic technique for removing snow is to use a shovel. Many don’t know the basics of wielding a shovel or properly working with one, especially a snow shovel. If you’re showing up at your commercial property and decide that you are going to shovel snow, warm up your muscles first, otherwise you may pull something. You may not be any good for your customers or employees at that point.

Remember, you’re shovelling while it is cold outside, so think of ways to save yourself from the extra effort. Instead of lifting the snow in the shovel, you should push it instead. If you must lift, do so with your legs, not with your back. Make sure you are squared to the load and not turned or twisted.

There are safe ways of doing labour intensive work. By paying attention and using safe techniques, you reduce your chance of sustaining a painful injury.

Snow Blowing

The use of a snowblower might be more appropriate for those who either have larger areas to clear or are physically encumbered in some way. Consider your location. Your commercial property may very well be in a location in which the city might be responsible for most or all of it. If this is still something you want to take on, know that snow blowers are still a lot to handle and use.

Make no mistake, there is still a lot of physical effort required, and so you should still make sure that you stretch and warm-up before you begin this task. Also, you’ll need to take a break if you feel fatigued. Brain over brawn is always a good rule. Forcing, jerking and wrestling with the snowblower is never a well thought out strategy. Let the snow blower do the work, or better, your snow removal company.

Snow Plowing

Operating heavy equipment may or may not be your thing, especially at your commercial property. You may consider contracting a plowing company to perform a larger scale removal of snow. Snowplowing properly performed will take a fraction of the time as shovelling. A professional and experienced snow removal company can do this work safely, without causing injury or damage to your parking area surface.

A less experienced, non-professional, plow operator typically finds it difficult not to damage these surfaces. Snowplowing strategies are very familiar to professional outfits.

If you choose to operate your own snow equipment and do it yourself, make sure that you read up on these strategies and learn how to conduct them. Windrowing, backdragging, and proper angle placement are all techniques you should know. Also, owning snow plowing equipment is somewhat like owning a pickup when someone wants to move. Do you really have the time to spend your day removing snow for the surrounding businesses?

Alblaster Has the Equipment and Experience

Snow Removal Team

Not that we don’t believe in the good ‘ol handy shovel, there is certainly a perfect place for that in the process. It is an integral part of snow removal. We’d just like you to keep in mind that the best way to handle snow removal, especially for commercial property, is to hire a professional. This will save you all kinds of trouble and pain whether personal or the liable kind.

Another thing to consider is the unpredictable nature of winter weather. Alblaster works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, because the weather doesn’t care what day or hour it is. But you do. That is another reason that Alblaster is the clear choice for your commercial snow and ice removal needs. Call us at 778-867-4796.

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