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What can we expect from Winter 2020/2021 in Vancouver?

Now is the Time to Think About Winter 2020/2021

What weather conditions do you expect this winter? Although near-normal temperatures are expected along the pacific coastline of British Columbia, eastern British Columbia, along with western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, can expect much colder than normal winter temperatures.

According to Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, in addition to much colder than normal temperatures, above-normal snow levels are expected over the interior of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Be prepared.

What it Means to be Prepared for the winter?

How do you prepare for the freezing temperatures, heavy snow accumulation, ice storms, and the high winds of a British Columbia winter? These conditions present a significant problem for those maintaining any property.

Start by conducting an initial inspection of the property, considering the winter hazards ahead. If you are particularly diligent, you might generate written reports that identify the inspection person, and the date and time of that inspection.

Inspect the pipes. Sub-zero temperatures can cause pipes to rupture. Try insulating them.

Ice dams can keep melting snow from sliding off of your roof. They may also back-up water and cause leaks.

Contracting a company to manage your property for snow and ice removal, is a good way to mitigate problems early-on and protect customers, employees and the community before an incident occurs.

Before the ice and snow arrives, inspect all stairs, ramps, sidewalks, heavily trafficked areas, and parking lots. Make sure unusual features or defects are repaired or addressed.

Consider any trees that might need to be limbed before they are weighted down with snow and ice.

Snow and ice removal procedures should be established with your removal company before the fact. Schedule the most convenient time of day and time of week possible.

Contracting Alblaster Now is a Proactive Approach

Now is the time to prepare for winter 2020/2021. When it comes to being responsible for your customers and the community, it is never too early to think about snow and ice removal. It is a great idea for them to notice that you are thinking of them.

Another reason for starting now is so that you won’t get caught by surprise. Starting a contract with Alblaster now puts them in charge and makes them responsible for preparing you for winter weather. Go into this winter season with a regular regimen of snow removal. That will assure that customers and community have uninterrupted access to your property. 

How to Choose Your Vancouver Snow Removal Company?

The job is assured of being done right if you rely on professionals.

  • Look for an eco-friendly company. They’ll use rock salt on the parking lots and calcium chloride on the sidewalks.
  • As a property owner, you can be liable. Make sure that the removal company takes on that responsibility.
  • Do they perform for you and plan with you? A good partner works along-side of you and is reliable. Their performance will be consistently good, their equipment always in good operating condition, and they’ll use the right equipment for the job. No excuses.
  • Do they go the extra mile for you? Are tough jobs handled in stride or do they present obstacles? A stubborn ice patch is a good test.
  • Do they work within and know the city’s specifications?
  • Are they clock-punchers or do they work diligently and efficiently?
  • Are they available when you need them?

Alblaster Will Make Sure that Your Snow Removal and Salting is Done Right

Like any well-functioning relationship, communication is key. Availability, fair and friendly service, and prepared for any size job, are all good signs that you have chosen well. You have chosen Alblaster Snow Removal & Salting.

We believe in maintenance. This assures that your snow and ice is always kept clear. All you need to do is contract with us and you can count on being continually free of snow and ice, and a job done right, with no extra charges or unwanted surprises.

Once you contract us, you are no longer on your own. We’re here for you.

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