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How to Evaluate a Commercial Snow Removal Company

One of the best ways to make sure you can properly evaluate a commercial snow removal company is to start early. The previous summer is not too soon. In fact, if a snow removal company has a chance to review your property before the snow hits, all the better. It’s easier for them to know where the problem areas or sensitive areas are, like fragile pipelines, furnace pumps, or critical drainage structures. They can determine where your pavement ends, and your landscaping begins and map it out.

By making a plan with a commercial contractor for ice and snow maintenance ahead of time, you can familiarize yourself with the scope of services they offer. This may include making sure that all your paved areas are salted in preparation for a pending storm, or pre-determining when it might be necessary for snow plowing and piling. Your commercial snow removal company should also want to come back and do a follow-up to assure that your property has been completely taken care of.

Plan By Acting Now

If you act now, you have time to determine what to consider when evaluating your commercial snow removal company. This company should be an extended part of your team during the winter months, sending the message to your clients and employees that you care about their safety and that you are open for business.

Other Important Things to Look For

There is a shortlist of red flags and green flags to look for. Among them is whether the company is licensed, bonded and insured, if they have well-maintained equipment, do they have positive customer reviews, and if they have enough resources and team members to address any size job or any number of situations.

We’re also in the business of keeping track of storms. If the company you choose to contract for snow and ice removal is surprised by a storm, you will be too. A major part of our job is being prepared ahead of time. Make sure that the commercial snow removal company is up to speed on meteorology, they should be able to share that information with you.

We own and maintain all our own equipment, have a surplus of road salt, and a team of experts that work efficiently to keep you safe and accessible.

The Speed of Trust

When it comes to what to consider when evaluating snow removal companies, it’s all about who you trust for the job. Who do you trust to act proactively? Who do you trust to show up during a big blizzard? Who do you trust with your property? Good partners are hard to find.

That’s why at Alblaster, we would like you to consider us your partner. You can focus on your business, we’ve got this. We believe in two levels of trust, first—is the company ethical and trustworthy, second—are they able to do what they claim to be able to do.

Consider Alblaster

When evaluating commercial snow removal companies, consider the one that is prepared to take care of whatever the winter months bring to your property. Look over our maintenance contract carefully and remember that your list of concerns doesn’t have to include unpredictable service.

Contact Alblaster and include them in your consideration for your commercial snow removal company. We think you won’t need to consider anyone else.

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